Evolving Requirements Need Clever Solutions.
Tecnocap specialty closures for Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals.

Evolving Requirements Need Clever Solutions.<br />Tecnocap specialty closures for Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals.

The worldwide cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals packaging market has been witnessing a robust growth over the past few years, thereby translating into healthy demand for various packaging products, including Metal Closures. With their high functionality, excellent sustainability properties, and their ease to broadly customize, Metal Closures are a trump card for effective high-performance packaging.  Additionally, these closures compliment the entire package as well as project the character of the company.  They emit traits such as class, quality, safety, fashion, and more.

Tecnocap is a world-class manufacturer of metal closures with a significant presence in Health & Beauty packaging, especially for the aluminum continuous thread closures business in North America.  With this as a beginning, not only has Tecnocap increased its product line specifically to serve these growing markets, but Tecnocap has also made significant investments in innovation, productivity, quality assurance, and marketing to get advanced products to the market place.

As Michelangelo Morlicchio CEO Tecnocap group believes being a leader means to “listen, inspire and empower. These beliefs allow the hard work necessary to design, develop and produce new solutions to meet the challenges of the ever evolving requirements of cosmetics, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical packaging.

The Aluminum Unishell® and the Bella™are two new solutions which have resulted from the investments.

The Aluminum Unishell® has the same visual features as the tin-plate Unishell®. This continuous thread closure has the thread formed on the inside of the skirt, resulting in a smooth, elegant, clean visual. Additionally, the Aluminum Unishell® eliminates the concern for corrosion for those products used and stored where water and moisture are ever present.

The Bella™ Cap is Tecnocap’s first composite plastic and metal closure specifically designed to compete with similar type closures in the cosmetics and personal care arena. The Bella™ Cap consists of a polypropylene plastic inner cap with either a tin-plate or aluminum over cap. Like the Unishell®, the metal material option greatly expands the potential products which can use the Bella™.

Top brands in these sectors have standards which far exceed most other consumer products companies.  Tecnocap perpetually maintains standards for consistent visual and functional quality throughout a production run and from lot to lot.  Tecnocap’s ability to maintain the higher standards required by these customers sets Tecnocap apart from all other continuous thread metal closure manufacturers.

Mr. Morlicchio, explains “Tecnocap’s vision of these new products was shared with selected Pharma and Health & Beauty clients.  A valuable flow of cooperation and knowledge between Tecnocap and our customers resulted in some enthusiastic feedback. The decision, which soon followed; culminate with the expansion of Tecnocap’s already wide range of products. Specialty closures conceived especially for the high-end cosmetics, toiletries, nutraceutical and pharma markets are being manufactured as a winning alternative to plastic caps and closures.”

Mr. Morlicchio continues by saying “Tecnocap’s success in meeting the requirements of Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceutical industries is the result of a strong commitment in finding not only a correct solution to all functional critical aspects related to a product, but also to realization that the best solution is one found through a collaborative effort with Tecnocap clients. Engaging clients during the development processes greatly increases the probability of success of all the involved parties.”

The sizes available in the Aluminum Unishell® and Bella™ Cap means at least sixteen new closure are joining what is already the largest variety of metal closures available by any single manufacturer in the world.  The internal decorating capabilities of Tecnocap Metal Lithography, and embossing potential for every size from 15mm to 120 mm, provide Tecnocap customers with limitless possibilities when they showcase their brands to every corner of the globe.

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